Jakub Pawłowicz

Posts » Dear older generations

I respect you a lot. You were the ones who raised us, who taught us by example how to work hard, who invested a lot of resources in making local and global environments better.

However the future (for a short while) belongs to us, ones who don’t care about skin color, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. We associate ourselves less so with concept of nations and feel more citizens of the world. We care about environment because it’s good for ourselves and next generations. We strongly despise wars, arm races, and nuclear weapons.

There is no going back whether you like it or not, so voting for those who claim so won’t bring back your youth days. Whether it was an independent UK (like now it’s not), mostly white US (it still is), or autocratic Poland with law and justice above all (lol) the past sentiment won’t drive us in a good direction.

Face it, your generation is dying out, and what you will leave us is a world we don’t want.

Please be less egoistic and we promise to follow when we get old.

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