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The very first movie I saw at a cinema was “The Neverending Story” deep in the mid-80s. That’s one of the earliest memories from my childhood and also a very fond one. That event, or couple of them as I eventually saw the movie 4 times, started my love affair with the big screen.

Couple years later I remember watching Star Wars: A New Hope on a black & white TV, then getting VHS tapes with 3 original movies, and watching them over and over again. That’s where my love for Star Wars started, continued by reading TheForce.net, watching re-release of the original movies in late 90’s, the prequels, and the sequel two years ago . In the meantime I played X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Rebellion, and other Star Wars games just to move to the galaxy far far away for a little while longer.

Now, with The Last Jedi coming to cinemas in couple weeks, I should be overexcited about seeing how story of X unfolds, or to see Y and Z battling each other, but… I know next to nothing about the movie.

I purposedly haven’t seen a single teaser, trailer, poster, SW forums post, etc, because, just as with couple movies before, I decided to skip all the marketing bullshit spoiling the experience. On December 14th I will go see the movie completely unaware of what I’m going to see. I am pretty sure it will be a jaw-dropping experience and once it ends I’ll want to see it again.

But you won’t hear from me that “I can’t wait to see it”. I can. I’ve been waiting for it since December 2015 so couple more weeks won’t make a difference.

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