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Disclaimer #1: My family is Polish, I was born in Poland and lived 35 out of my 38 years here, so this is my completely biased opinion about my home country.

Disclaimer #2: This is a rant

Oh well, where to start.

I promised myself to never ever work with Polish people again.

Every single time that have happened I have had huge regrets and I vowed not to repeat it any more. Yet it’s hard to live in Poland and not deal with Poles at all. So I try to keep it to minimum and it works OK. I moved to the middle of nowhere, I contract work abroad and do it remotely, I tell people I’m antisocial so they stay away from me. This works but let me tell you why my stance…

I am a fairly empathetic person so people tend to screw me over professionally and personally, because they quickly figure out they CAN.

For a Pole screwing over a compatriot is a delight. This bloody place is full of dumbasses who exploit this place as much as they can while giving NOTHING in return. Politicians, business people, lawyers, public service workers, all of them think how to get as much as they can for themselves.

There’s a polish word “kombinować” which means how to figure out things in a smart way. It has a POSITIVE meaning (and no English equivalent!), and everyone here can do it, which is why e.g. Polish programmers are one of the best in the world. But at the same time it leads to huge exploitation in a NEGATIVE sense. Honestly sometimes I feel like a moron still living around here and letting “smart” people exploit decent ones who pay taxes, want to be nice to others, and live a lawful and calm life.

Well. I lived abroad for 3 years and I know both UK and Germany have its flaws, but here we have a completely different level of ignorance towards law and common decency.

That’s it. I want to stay positive, so that’s all I wanted to say.

Everyting above is a generalization, I personally know many decent people who love this place but they hardly like it.

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