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It’s year 2000-something. A white couple moves into a small village in a Japanese countryside. Days go one by one, seasons change, those two try to blend in, in the meantime they see how locals live close to the nature, children are born, elders die, time goes by.

Their peaceful way of life is rarely disturbed. There’s a mobile grocery store which arrives on the same day every week, sometimes a postman visits, or a plane cuts air high above the ground bringing unnatural noise to this very natural place.

But one day is different. A powerful earthquake strikes. One house collapses and kills 3 people inside. The only road reaching the village gets damaged. People experience some electricity cut offs. Everyone rush to rebuild what was lost.

Couple days later the grocery store arrives as usual and people start to queue to buy goods for the coming week. But the white couple notes that no one buys more than they need, because locals firmly believe the store will be back within a week.

But not only that.

They don’t buy more because if they did there might not be enough for others hit by the earthquake.

They may be in need but so are others.

I love that story, now it’s way more relevant than ever.

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