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Some time ago I yanked a USB-A port in my cheap ($30?) bluetooth headphones. I could just threw away the thing and bought myself new ones but instead I decided to repair them.

I borrowed a soldering iron from my dad, bought a replacement USB-A port, disassembled the headphones, then soldered a new port with some hackery (you really don’t want to know the details ;-) and boom, they charge and work fine again!

The thing is it wasn’t “boom!”, as it took me around 6-8 hours to figure out yanked cabling during disassembly, how to solder the USB port, then how to assemble the thing again. I would certainly save time by simply buying new ones, as 6-8 hours of work pay me more than $30, but I am way more satisfied from fixing something that didn’t work than buying something new.

I’m all for right to repair, but also for making things repairable.

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