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Let’s be honest: I’m not a person who grew up using the Internet.

I was late to the party: 14-15 when I first used it, and at the time the main appeal was downloading MP3s (Cher’s - Believe being the very first one!).

In my high school days we had Computer Science class, but the computer room wasn’t connected to the Internet.

The first time I could use it more was in my University days, and I only had an unlimited (as not dialing up but with permanent connection) access when on my 4th year of studies. I was 21 at the time.

Starting using it so late in my life shaped the way I use it. To this day I mostly use couple tools on the Internet: a search engine, my favorite encyclopedia, email, YouTube, and couple messaging services. I’m not on Facebook (been for 2 days in 2007, yuck!), nor on Twitter (been until 2019, for 10 years, probably way too long), or any other platform.

To me the Internet is a big knowledge base I use to learn new things.

And that’s the Internet I like.

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