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Everything in our lives can be a leverage.

At some point in my life I learned how to speak, and I leveraged it by telling everyone around that I was hungry ;-)

Then came reading, so I could not rely on others telling me stories, but I leveraged it to explore the world on my own.

At some point I learned English, so now I can write those words to you, but not in my mother’s tongue. It also gave me access to a much wider set of knowledge, and, interestingly, a way to reach out to many more leverages.

Now I see the world as full of tools (physical or mental, I’m not talking about humans), I can use to gain more knowledge.

Today is a special day as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I am going to use all the tools I know to explore the world from a couple of different angles.

And I am pretty sure I am going to learn about couple more leverages on my way too! :-)

So let’s begin!

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