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Posts » Is it just a distraction?

What was the last time we gave ending the war in Syria a thought, where people are dying daily and major powers are directly involved in it (technically being at war)?

Where are the calls for support to Caribbean states recently devastated by hurricanes?

Why Paris climate agreement was a hot topic for like a day while it may greatly affect the future of humanity?

What if the world shown to us is just a distraction?

We are all distracted by mainstream media feeding us with irrelevant shows which will bump their view ratings and keep us attached. The same goes with social media selling our outrage for profit. Some people elected a TV star for their president, others pushed for a withdrawal from one of the biggest trade blocks in the world, and this will dominate those people life’s for years.

All this while our governments quietly push new laws (I live in Poland so I know this stuff), make dubious deals with private companies, and sell arms all over the world.

Panem et circenses, bread and games, my friends.

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