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Yesterday, I saw “Take Your Pills” documentary which explores drug, mostly Adderall and Ritalin, (ab)use in USA. While the movie has its higs and lows when it comes to storytelling, it’s good at looking at the topic from different points of view. If you have a spare 1.5 hours then it’s an interesting piece of filmography.

What sunk in my mind is one comment from the movie, that such substances should be used to treat disorders as ADHD but since our society has an Attention Deficit Disorder, thus living in it requires taking perfomance enhancing drugs.

I agree with that statement a lot, except the fact that we don’t have to be a part of such rat race to the bottom. As thinking and rational adults we can decide whether to participate. However forcing the race on young people, who don’t have a full picture of the world we’re living in, is a crime against them. Let them grow freely and safely, so when they grow up they can decide for themselves.

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