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Let’s face it, most of us solve meta problems.

My job is to build computer programs for people overseas, which allows them to run learning programmes or survey people.

Then when I get paid, I pay taxes, bills, and buy food (plus others things, but it’s uninmportant for the example’s sake).

By paying taxes I pay others to: administer my country, protect people, or treat those who fall ill.

By paying bills I pay others to: deliver & maintain utilities - electricity, water, or the Internet.

By buying food I pay others to: grow the food I can eat, transport it to a store nearby, or pay the store’s staff.

Everyone involved in all three above also solve meta problems - mine and countless other people.

It’s like a big interconnected web where we all depend on each others’ work and needs, with money as a means of trading one’s efforts for other people efforts.

If we were to ditch the web, we would need to:

Our world would be a very primitive, but perhaps a happier place and one much more connected on a human level.

We won’t ditch the web, but let’s not walk ahead blindly as we do.

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