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You haven’t heard from me in almost three months, but I’m still around, just very, very busy!

August-September time here is harvest time, which currently keeps me busy with abundance of everything - apples, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, or mushrooms. Amazing time, also September is probably the most beautiful time in Poland all year. It’s still warm but not too hot, nights are just-right colder, weather is sunny, there are plenty of ripening goodies, it’s a dream while it lasts, but also a road full of work which keeps me busy.

However recently I took an even harder road for myself, an internal one, one to fix myself for good, set me up for a “road that works” ahead. There were some up and downs, one tipping point, lots of back steps and inspiration taken, but I’ve finally arrived at something. I’ll write more about it next time, it’s something special for me.

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