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Two weeks ago, on December 24th, we were hosting a traditional Christmas’ Eve dinner for 4. At 4pm in the afternoon, when we started preparing the dinner the electricity went out. The whole village was dark and many had the same problem as we did: how to prepare food when ovens and stoves are electric? Many postponed the dinner until late or next day as electricity only got back before 8pm.

But not us - we made fire in our wood stove, prepared the food, and held the dinner by candlelight. It was magic. Up until we got the electricity back…

The other day I read a comment somewhere on the net, about replacing electricity generated by burning coal with a sustainable source, and that big batteries, which offset that sustainable energy, sometimes struggle to provide electricity 24/7.

Now wait, who said we need electricity 24/7?

Since we are used to its abundancy, we tend to forget that it’s not an unlimited, always-on utility, and it shouldn’t be.

I get that certain places, like hospitals, need it 24/7, but I wouldn’t mind if not having it from time to time, for the “price” of time spent differently, not in front of blue-tinted screen.

Now turn off the screen you are looking at and go look at some nature. You don’t need electricity for that.

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